Terror Tape of the Day: Dracula vs. Frankenstein

Posted by Brian Salisbury - August 9th 2011 @ 10:00 am

I, like many of the HND writers, am an avid collector of VHS tapes. To some, collecting out dated technology is less a hobby and more the early warning sign of a serious psychological disorder. But there was a certain magic to VHS tapes that never made the transition over to DVD or, subsequently, Blu-ray. Sure the picture quality isn’t as good, but that is by no means the point of collecting. VHS represented a new and incredibly lucrative home video market and there were bajillions of films released on the insanely popular format. Many of these were horror movies and many of those never made the jump to DVD; the tragic orphans of technological progress. So therein lies one facet of their appeal. But even those films which are now readily available on the “superior formats” suffer from inferior cover art. In fact, compared to the beautiful, intricate, and often hand-painted VHS box art, lazily photo-shopped DVD covers are embarrassing. In other words, these movies came standard with genre-tastic pop art in tow.

In an effort to celebrate these works of art, we will be featuring one horror movie VHS cover every day. Be kind, rewind, and click on through to see this week’s tape…

Dracula vs. Frankenstein 1971


I am sorry to say I don’t own a single Super Video release. I am even sorrier to say that I have seen Dracula vs. Frankenstein. The movie is a backyard-produced, flaccid piece of garbage horror runoff. That being said, LOOK AT THIS FREAKING COVER ART! Dracula and Frankenstein (‘s Monster) locked in epic combat in stunning detail and wonderfully gothic use of color. I love the smoke slowly filling the room and the impressive use of shadow on the wall behind Drac. It’s exciting, it’s flashy, it’s kinetic. It’s everything the film isn’t.

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