Terror Tape of the Day: Chopping Mall

Posted by Brian Kelley - August 15th 2011 @ 10:00 am

Here at HND, we are die-hard advocates of VHS. Many of us are collectors of these ancient relics of a better, purer, more exciting time in horror history while the rest of us just marvel at the artistry of the VHS cover art. With that in mind, we started this daily feature to celebrate all that is great about the hand-painted monsters and gorgeous gruesomeness that used to grace the boxes on the shelves of our local videostores. Many of these films never made the jump to DVD, and many more did make the jump, but at the expense of the spectacular cover art. So fast forward past the bump to take a gander; no need to adjust your tracking.

Today’s Terror Tape is…

As far as providing a stylized synopsis of what’s inside, the Lightning Video VHS cover for Jim Wynorski’s Chopping Mall does a pretty damn good job without overselling the film… too much. We’ve got all the key ingredients of the security-bots-run-amok horror classic: shopping, death, and robots. Sure, the robot hand here is a scosh bit more high-tech than the fiberglass killbot clunkers in the film, but it’s doubtful the image would be as effective if the bag was being held by the toy grabber type hands the robots in the film actually have. Capping off an excellent image is one of Chopping Mall‘s many great taglines, some of the others being “Shop till you drop… dead!” and “Where shopping can cost you an arm and a leg.” This is one of the video covers I remember most vividly from my childhood and it’s great that it ended up not being a lame bait-and-switch like so many other horror VHS packages.

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