Terror Tape of the Day: Black Roses

Posted by Brian Salisbury - August 19th 2011 @ 10:00 am

Here at HND, we are die-hard advocates of VHS. Many of us are collectors of these ancient relics of a better, purer, more exciting time in horror history while the rest of us just marvel at the artistry of the VHS cover art. With that in mind, we started this daily feature to celebrate all that is great about the hand-painted monsters and gorgeous gruesomeness that used to grace the boxes on the shelves of our local videostores. Many of these films never made the jump to DVD, and many more did make the jump, but at the expense of the spectacular cover art. So fast forward past the bump to take a gander; no need to adjust your tracking.

Today’s Terror Tape is…

Black Roses 1988


The only medium that rivaled VHS in the area of beautiful cover art is (or rather was) vinyl albums. The great thing about the VHS cover for 1988’s Black Roses is it looks exactly like the cover of some heavy metal rock album. This is of course a nod toward the film’s subject matter, but the similarites are nevertheless doubly appreciated. The detail on the roses climbing the neck of the guitar are stunning and the whole image is bordered by grayed, ghastly images of suffering souls straight out of The Divine Comedy. This release is from Imperial Entertainment and is one of my very favorite covers. To put it simply, this cover rocks!

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  1. August 19th, 2011 | 10:39 am | #1

    That is cool. What’s even better is that there isn’t a box front and center bragging about the soundtrack; those are always a bad, bad sign.

    I see Carmine Appice is listed as cast. Nice.

  2. August 19th, 2011 | 11:01 am | #2

    Rock & Roll Nightmare may not have as sweet a cover, but it’s a far better* flick.

    *to get drunk to.

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