(Re)Introducing the Horror’s Not Dead Staff!

Posted by Brian Salisbury - May 25th 2011 @ 12:00 pm

Here at HND headquarters, deep in the heart of the Mountains of Madness, we have been secretly amassing what you might call an army of unfathomable darkness. If you were more conventionally inclined you might prefer to refer to them as our staff. For too long, Peter and I have held a monopoly over the content published on this site. That tyranny is about to come to a bloody end, as we are proud to introduce you to the new HND team! These guys, some of whom you may recognize from past articles and whatnot, are bound and determined to bring you exciting, innovative, and 100% fan-based horror news, features, and insights. Let the Golden Age of Horror’s Not Dead begin!

Peter Hall, Editor in Chief

Mr. Hall (@peterShall) founded Horror’s Not Dead in 2006 and has been writing for it ever since…except when he’s not. Unfortunately this is a frequent occurrence these days thanks to his editing duties at Movies.com/Fandango and writing duties at Hollywood.com. HND will always be his home and homecoming these days tends to be whenever a film fest is calling.

Brian Salisbury, Managing Editor

Brian Salisbury (@BriguySalisbury) is a certified internet gadfly who officially wears more hats than does Devo on a world tour. In addition to serving as the managing editor of HND, Brian writes for Fandango, Film School Rejects, Hollywood.com, and Ain’t It Cool News. Horror’s Not Dead was the first site to roll the dice and take a chance on a scruffy little novice writer and became the launching pad for Brian’s entire writing career. It feels great to be back. Brian’s horror proclivities are so Italian-inclined that they might as well be coated in olive oil and served with garlic bread; Fulci and Argento comprising his favorites.

Brian Kelley, Staff Writer

Brian (@BTSjunkie) is an exploitation and horror film buff, Brian Trenchard-Smith aficionado, Alamo Drafthouse regular, and Associate Editor of GordonandtheWhale.com. He has run a weekly Horror Movie Night for nearly a decade, which showcases horror films of all types from the sticky residue on the bottom of the barrel to top-shelf treats. Brian is drawn to fun creature effects films (no CG, of course) but also can’t resist horror films reliant on solid atmosphere. He is constantly surprised by the forgotten gems he comes across; mostly through the non-stop quest to expand his VHS collection.

John Gholson, Staff Writer

John Gholson (@gholson) started writing for this site in 2009, covering not only movies, but horror comics and books as well.  John was a late-bloomer as a horror fan thanks to seeing CREEPSHOW at age 7, which had him swearing off of horror films for roughly a decade.  He finds it to be not as scary now.  In his late teens, zombie films became John’s gateway drug into horror, and he grew particularly addicted to vintage horror films.  Formerly of Cinematical, John’s work can also be seen at Movies.com.

Jacob Hall, Staff Writer

Jacob Hall (@JacobSHall) enjoys movies. In fact, he enjoys movies so much, he earned a degree in film and television from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Beyond that, he wrote for Cinematical, Horror Squad, and Sci-Fi Squad before landing on Horror’s Not Dead. He tends to enjoy horror movies where horrible things happen to people who may or may not deserve such treatment. He especially has a soft spot for truly terrible horror movies, but don’t hold that against him.

JC De Leon, Staff Writer

Horror has always been a genre that JC (@jcdeleon1) has admired from afar, but never really embraced up until the last six years or so. This makes him one of the more inexperienced horror fans on the site. But rest assured, he is using his insatiable love of film to relentlessly right the wrongs that are the voids in his collective horror-films-seen resume and aims to rapidly expand his knowledge of the genre. Many of the writers on this staff have been great mentors to JC on this subject as well as the subject of writing about film in general. His favorite horror movies range from the obvious classics like The Thing to the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street films. But discovering new, underseen films like The Loved Ones and Trick ‘r Treat is what he’s loving the most about exploring the horror genre. JC currently writes movie and Blu-ray reviews for GordonandtheWhale.com, and he is an occasional contributor to Brutal as Hell, another horror site.

Brian K, Staff Writer

If Brian K () name looks familiar, it isn’t simply because we are currently bursting at the seams with Brians. Mr. K’s presence on this site predates that of any of us save the founder of the site himself. Brian is our only international correspondent; writing from a faraway land known as Florida.

Noah Lee, Staff Writer

Besides being a die-hard horror fan, Noah (@noahphex) is a contributing writer for Film Threat covering film festivals such as Fantastic Fest and SxSW. His tastes range from classic horror films to modern day fare, with a special affection for the out-of-this-world oddities from the 80s, anthologies, and foreign horror.


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    This might be the only movie site where I know and have met everyone on staff… even better, they all kick ass.

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