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Posted by Brian Salisbury - February 1st 2011 @ 5:07 pm

In January of 2010, I began a project for Cinematical’s Horror Squad. If you read myself or Pete Hall with any regularity on any of our outlets than you’re probably already sick of hearing the words Alamo Drafthouse. Well too bad, because I’m about to lavish a bit more praise upon it.

Every Tuesday for the last four years or so, the Alamo has been offering 35mm screenings of horror films both classic and obscure. My goal was to see every single film, week-to-week, that was showcased in 2010 and write up both a synopsis of the film and an overview of the varying audience reactions. Thus, the Terror Tuesday Report was born. I enjoyed writing TTR immensely and managed to attend every week, with very few exceptions. In September, Horror Squad, as well as Cinematical, was rolled into Moviefone where I continued to write the Terror Tuesday Report. But it soon became apparent that the Moviefone audience did not harbor the same appreciation for offbeat horror films as did the Horror Squad audience. The time had come to make a change. Remembering my roots as a film journalist, I could think of no better place for The Terror Tuesday’s Reports new home than Horror’s Not Dead.

So here’s how it’ll work. The reports will hit every Tuesday for the previous week’s film. On Monday (or in this case Tuesday as I am once again behind on things), we will post the trailer for the current week’s film and I’ll write a few words about my expectations. I hope you enjoy reading it. I’m back suckas!

This week (in essence what you’ll be reading next week): Critters 2


The trailer had me a bit nervous, but it is not the trailer you see here. Seeing Critters a few weeks ago was a revelation. I can’t accurately pinpoint why it had escaped me for so long, but I instantly fell in love with it. The trailer that played at last week’s Terror Tuesday, which was bloody impossible to find, features zero new content and simply compiles scenes from the first. Now, it could just be the New Line was so jazzed about the idea of making a sequel that they slapped a teaser together before anything was actually filmed. But my more looming fear was that I would run into a Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 situation where the film is composed of more than 50% flashbacks to the first film. But this trailer happily paints a different picture. See you next Tuesday.

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