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Posted by Jenni Lee - October 5th 2011 @ 12:12 pm

Thank You, Jesus! (2010)
Directed By: Free
Run Time: 6 Minutes
Country: USA

Two lovers are taking a nature walk that goes horribly awry while discussing love and existence. it includes a foreign language speaking squirrel, a mud man, and the best quote of the Short Fuse program. When all is said and done you will say “Thank You, Jesus. It’s over.”

Incubator (2011)
Directed By: Jimmy Weber
Run Time: 7 Minutes
Country: USA

Bloody bathroom scenes with a tub of ice usually indicate a kidney or other organ has been removed. This short flips this type of horror story on its ear, by using the subject as an incubator. What is really interesting about this short is that there is a strong female presence without seeing the female transgressor. This is one of the most interesting shorts in the horror short program.

A River in the Woods (2011)
Directed By: Christian Sparkes
Run Time: 12 Minutes
Country: Canada

Beautifully shot in the Canadian summer wilderness, A River in the Woods takes that monster and child scene from Young Frankenstein, extends it, adds a different monster, and adds more children. The similarities end there when the monster and children start partying a little too hard.

The Unliving (2010)
Directed & Written By: Hugo Lilja
Run Time: 28 Minutes
Country: Sweden

The zombie apocalypse is a reality and is in its 30th year. Doctors are still baffled by the virus and are still trying to find a cure. In the meantime the infected are used as a cheap workforce and for entertainment. When a doctor recognizes one of the zombies set to become a part of the workforce his life follows a new path.

Curtain (2011)
Directed & Written By: Dennis Widmyer
Run Time: 13 Minutes
Country: USA

That new apartment you just moved into, does it have special instructions for the bathtub curtain in the lease? Yeah. If it does, you should probably not live there. And when you don’t follow the instructions in the lease, please don’t expect that everything will go your way, especially when “Mr. Pokey” is involved.

The Human Nature (2010)
Directed & Written By: Tore Frandsen
Run Time: 3 Minutes
Country: Denmark

Usually when you say to yourself “Awwww a [insert cute animal here]” while watching a horror film how that does work out for you? Yeah, I thought so. Rabbit hunters in the woods find that nature sometimes bites back, giving them more than what they bargained for in the forest. Oh look, a unicorn!

Vile Beast (2011)
Directed By: William Crooks
Run Time: 4 Minutes
Country: Australia

Luke and Susan are having a relaxing evening at home until a “vile beast” invades there home and attacks them. This short is the exact opposite of my expectations content wise, but loved it nonetheless.

No Way Out (2011)
Directed By: Kristoffer Aaron Morgan
Run Time: 8 Minutes
Country: USA

Fantastic Fest veteran actor AJ Bowen stars as a man hunted by an alien creature. He uses any means necessary to obtain freedom from his circumstances, relying on his brain rather than brawn. The film was simple, to the point, and beautifully shot.

For full disclosure purposes I’d like to note that I know or am acquainted with several individuals involved in the making of this film.

How to Rid Your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused by You! (2010)
Directed By: Nadia Litz
Run Time: 15 Minutes
Country: Canada

As the name implies Sadie just wants her relationship with Dennis to be perfect, which includes removal of the embodiment of negative emotions. Living the perfect life isn’t always easy and Sadie is finding that it isn’t just negative emotions she has to contend with in this relationship.

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  1. October 5th, 2011 | 5:25 pm | #1

    this is such a cool article! I’m a big fan of AJ Bowen (i was lucky enough to work on “You’re Next” which was at Fantastic Fest this year!).

    if you’re interested in any other horror/thriller shorts, you should watch this one in the ABC’s of Death competition, hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse!

    feel free to leave a comment, and vote also!

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