New HND Column, Introducing Brian Salisbury’s A Year in Film!

Posted by Peter Hall - July 5th 2009 @ 11:41 pm

I only recently met Brian Salisbury, among several other awesome Austin film peoples, but when he started to tell me about his A Year in Film project and his ultimate goal of putting it on the web I knew I had to snatch it up for HND, so I offered him a spot here whenever the mood strikes.  I’m sure you’ll get to know him through his writing, but until then I’ll lay the ground work:

A few months ago Brian took on the goal of creating a list of movies he had never seen before with the intent of watching and writing about one new movie ever day for, duh, a year.  His project, which has an almost diary-of-film quality to it, is not confined to the horror genre, but given that I first met the man at the NIGHT OF THE CREEPS reunion screening (where he bought a beer for Tom Atkins), it is safe to say a fair number of genre titles will be on tap for HND.

Despite the first entry Brian has ready to post being 2006’s HATCHET, which I never actually got around to reviewing myself, I’d expect a lot of his reviews to be of the older, possibly even rare variety.  This is perfect for the site since I’m usually too busy reviewing shit like ICE SPIDERS to actually appreciate this fine genre’s heritage.


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