Last Week in Horror News: June 21st to the 28th.

Posted by Peter Hall - June 28th 2009 @ 10:09 am

Fantastic Fest and Horror Squad Present: THE COLLECTOR!  July 22nd, Alamo Ritz!

Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • DAYBREAKERS – Great looking studio horror.
  • THE BOX – Richard Kelly looks to be regaining some fans with his spin on Richard Matheson.
  • THE ORPHAN – TV spots.

Studio News and Attachments

  • GO MUTANTS! – Universal picks up the rights to the unfinished novel GO MUTANTS! from Larry Doyle about the collegiate aged sons and daughters of legendary monsters.
  • Untitled Spielberg TNT series – Stars Noah Wyle and sounds an awful lot like BATTLEFIELD EARTH…
  • HELLIFIED – Paramount greenlights a script from a one Andy Burg pitched as a journey into hell action movie style.  Should just adapt PAINKILLER instead.
  • THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL – Magnet Pictures picks up Ti West’s ’80s throw back for theatrical release.
  • ANTICHRIST – IFC picks up ANTICHRIST for theatrical and VOD exhibition.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME – Shock learns that the remake, which was rumored to be in 3-D, is actually fictitious at this point.
  • IT’S ALIVE – The Bijou Phillips starring remake is going straight to DVD.
  • NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2? – Rooney Mara reveals she’s contracted for two more sequels should they go into production, surprises no one.
  • PREDATOR – VACANCY director Nimrod Antal emerges as the front runner for directing duties.

Indie, Random and Foreign News

  • DISTRICT 9 – Gets an R rating.  Didn’t see that coming…
  • SAW at Universal Studios – The franchise is set to now be a part of the theme park’s Halloween Horror Nights exhibit this year.  Attendants soon to be disappointed by what is a maze with no ending.
  • UFO over King’s Dominion – Wild footage of a smoke ring that refuses to dissipate in the sky.

Non-Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • CYRUS – Can it even be called a trailer if it is 5 minutes long?  Oh well, it’s got Lance Henriksen in it, which means I’m ethically bound to see it.
  • VAMPIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL – Japanese productions put out great posters and trailers.
  • BLOOD TIES – Singapore horror.
  • PAINTBALL – Clip.

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