In the UK? See Free Horror at Vue Cinemas’ Credit Crunch Cinemas.

Posted by Peter Hall - May 14th 2009 @ 7:41 pm

Sorry I haven’t been posting.  Busy, busy, busy, but more on that later.  In the mean time, this press release for Vue Cinemas caught my eye.  It applies to UK folks only (or anyone willing to hop on a plane, I suppose), and most of my readers are in the States, but I wanted to share it all the same because one of the free screenings in question is for MANHUNT, which is also known as ROVDYR, which is also known as one of my favorite horror films of 2008.

The other two films are ONE EYED MONSTER and the controversial DEADGIRL, but all I can offer is an excerpt for my ROVDYR review right now, full press release after the break.

ROVDYR is brutal.  Very, very, brutal in the best, chase through the woods, heart pounding kind of way.  But, aside from the admirable absence of rape, what makes this horror film better than other backwoods chasers is that all 78 minutes of its lean running time take place in gorgeous daylight.  I have always been and will always be the biggest proponent there can be of horror with the lights on.  Anyone can make night scary, but it takes a specific talent to make illumination threatening.  ROVDYR helmer Patrik Syversen shows off just what that talent is.

Credit Crunch Cinema – Free Films at Vue Cinemas

Do you like films? Do you like FREE films? Yes…FREE!

In these pound-saving, credit crunch times, Metrodome to give cinema goers access to upcoming soon-to-be-classics FREE before anyone else.

No catch.
No cost.
It’s as simple as that.

Credit Crunch Cinema kicks off on the 15th May with a free advanced screening of the equally hilarious and horrific ONE EYED MONSTER. Starring adult film legends Ron Jeremy & Veronica Hart and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” pin-up Amber Benson, “One Eyed Monster” is an outrageous and spectacular homage to the classic sci-fi horror of “Alien” and “The Thing”.  Miss out at your peril!

The next credit crunch screening takes place a week later on 22nd May with the gory and unrelenting MANHUNT. One of the most acclaimed and controversial European horror films of the decade takes the newly reanimated ‘grindhouse’ genre of classic 70s horror cinema back to its unrelenting, compelling and no holds barred roots.

On the 5th June Kerrang! exclusively present a very special Credit Crunch Cinema screening with an advanced screening of the highly anticipated DEAD GIRL. From the producer of the seminal Hellraiser and the legendary Heathers, DEAD GIRL is a new genre classic and a no-holds-barred look at the horror of growing up.

All three screenings will take place at the following participating Vue Cinemas;

Vue West End

Vue Cambridge

Vue Edinburgh Omni

Vue Manchester Lowry

Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

Giles Edwards, Metrodome Distribution said: ‘The concept of creditcrunchcinema was born in direct response to the negative and depressing financial crisis which dominates our news on a daily basis.  What better way to relieve people from the stress of the credit crunch than to provide escapism in such an exciting and accessible way ….free cinema!”

Cinema goers can find out about the latest Credit Crunch Cinema films and how to access free tickets by emailing

All Credit Crunch Cinema screenings are available to guests over the age of 18 years old only.

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