Do People Miss the Weekly News Re-Caps?

Posted by Peter Hall - August 18th 2009 @ 9:50 am

Just curious.  The reason I haven’t been doing them is because I spend all week blogging between HND (though posting has been lite lately), and now so when Sunday rolls around I, honestly, just don’t feel like doing it.  But if people miss that weekly post, I will bring it back.

The other alternative would be to do a nightly post of what went down at SciFiSquad and HorrorSquad…

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  1. August 18th, 2009 | 4:58 pm | #1

    I usually look forward to them, yes.

  2. Geoff J
    August 19th, 2009 | 1:13 pm | #2

    Sure do.

  3. R.J. Sayer
    August 19th, 2009 | 7:42 pm | #3

    i miss them, peter.

    bring them the fuck back goddammit.

    sci-fi squad is stupid and for nerds. stop doing it and come back to horror you wishy-washy little bitch.

  4. Brian
    August 21st, 2009 | 8:31 am | #4

    No. Not at all. I’ve moved on.

  5. PT
    August 26th, 2009 | 4:53 pm | #5

    Bring em back!

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