Did you know ANTICHRIST has a Game in the Works?

Posted by Peter Hall - June 21st 2009 @ 1:52 am

I must have missed that press release at E3.

Unfortunately I had the ending to Lars von Triers‘ Willem Dafoe starring shocker ANTICHRIST spoiled for me thanks to a headline at Drudge Report (not unlike the ending to INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, which makes me wonder why I even read Matt Drudge any more), but even without that climactic knowledge I’d certainly be expecting a lightening strike of a movie solely on the track record of the director and the trailer itself.

However, I would, in the incredulous words of Kanye West, never-ever (never-ever?) expect a video game to be made based on a film from the minimalist Danish provocateur.  Quite against instinct it seems that just that has happened; then again going against instinct is kind of Von Trier’s critic baiting bag.

MTV’s Multiplayer blog has an interview up with Morten Iversen, once a writer for the HITMAN series, who is now working directly for von Triers in which Iversen explains that a ‘download only’ game based on ANTICHRIST is moving ahead for release likely some time next year and targeted for an Xbox Live or Steam platform.  Considering the game, sporting the ANTICHRIST divergent title of EDEN, only has 4 people working on it right now, the chance of a wide release even in the next two years is slim, but practicality aside the idea of a “nightmarish version of Myst” is too appealing to ignore.

I must admit I’m warming to the idea of some more buzzed about horror film properties banging out game titles.  I, along with everyone else sitting at a keyboard, laughed at the idea of  SAW game, but I think Konami proved at this year’s E3 that the idea has more worth exploring than the mock heavy crowds may have initially assumed.  One should only hope that a film talent as esoteric as Lars von Trier, who MTV references as being a stalwart fan of ALONE IN THE DARK, would throw his considerable artistic weight behind the simulated freak outs of a CGI Willem Dafoe.

From what I’ve read, ANTICHRIST is the film equivalent of telling Google Images to not moderate your search results.  To be honest, I’m kind of afraid as to what exactly von Trier is going to push a user to simulate.  If the scissors are in our hands…

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  1. June 21st, 2009 | 2:02 pm | #1

    Man, I read what you said about Antichrist and went looking for it. I guess there aren’t subs for it yet?

  2. June 21st, 2009 | 3:43 pm | #2

    I thought it was in English?

  3. June 21st, 2009 | 4:00 pm | #3

    Heck, I don’t know what language it’s in, I just thought it was foreign. I just know I can’t find it yet.

  4. June 21st, 2009 | 10:33 pm | #4

    Download only? Only four guys working on the game? A writer for hitman (Hitman 1: A bald dude who’s a clone sneaks around and kills shit. Hitman 2: He does it again!)?

    I hate to sound like a buzzkill, but unless those four guys are Gabe Newell, John Carmack, Hideo Kojima and Theodore Roosevelt this is the recipe for suck.

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