Weekly News Re-Cap: 2/3 -2/10

Posted by Peter Hall - February 10th 2008 @ 9:14 am

Theatrical Trailers and Clips
Diary of the Dead – Clip
The Signal – Clip
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – Clip
The Happening – Trailer

Studio News and Attachments
The very cool Amanda Seyfried cast in Jennifer’s Body.
Dark Sky films picks Ti West to helm another Satanist’s lure person for sacrifice film, The House of the Devil.
Wes Craven hopes on the slasher train again with 25/8, which I’m guessing is going to confuse a lot of Americans who don’t know the international date format.
Amusement slides to September (originally January).
RZA joins the cast of Repossession Mambo.
Sam Raimi snags Ellen Page as the anchor for his return to horror; Drag Me To Hell.
Gary Oldman joins David Goyer’s untitled thriller about a ghost from Auschwitz.

Alexandre Aja’s Piranha is definitely going to be in 3D!
Since the WGA Strike is on its last legs, Hellraiser resets for a January ’09 release.
Producers of the Crazies remake are still holding out hope.

Random and Indie News
Corey Haim is back in Lost Boys 2.
George Romero has stated the producers are back on track for Diamond Dead.
Rob Zombie announces a name to his next flick, the oh so illusive Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Vincent Gallo does what Vincent Gallo does and freaks out of Dario Argento’s Giallo.

Indie/Foreign Trailers and Clips
Book of Zombies – Trailer
Deaden – Featuring John Fallon from Arrow in the Head.
Dead Air – Starring Bill Moseley
Sauna – Teaser

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