Weekly News Re-Cap: 1/13 – 1/20

Posted by Peter Hall - January 20th 2008 @ 12:16 pm

Theatrical Trailers and Clips
Doomsday – Trailer
The Eye – Another clip
Sisters – Japanese Trailer
Funny Games – Red Band trailer

Studio News and Attachments

In case there was any doubt, of course Cloverfield could have a sequel as that may have not been the only movie filmed that night.
Kirk Acevedo (who I am a big fan of) cast in JJ Abrams new "X-Files" rip-off TV series, "Fringe".
Sarah Michelle Gellar says not only is she still going to be American McGee’s Alice, but the entire thing is a passion project of hers.  Sounds good to me.
I Am Legend will have a different, "less commercial" ending on DVD?
Myriad Pictures snaps up an interesting sounding, yet still unreleased comic property called Hybrid.
Uwe Boll was actually sought out to direct the film version of an unreleased game called Zombie Massacre.


Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes) is already up on the chopping block.
Next up from the ’80s barrel…My Bloody Valentine.

Random and Indie News

The great Kevin Sorbo headlining a werewolf flick called The House Next Door.
Mary Lambert is still pushing a ‘Dracula, but in America with cowboys’ called High Midnight.
If you watch every single show on the Sci-Fi channel, you’ll likely recognize the entire cast of a sure-to-be Sci-Fi premiere film Dark Swarm.
John Carpenter’s LA Gothic has begun casting, with a possible filming start of March.
Vincent Gallo and Ray Liotta cast in Dario Argento’s Giallo.  Yes, Vincent Gallo

Indie/Foreign Trailers and Clips
Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!
Blood River – Uncut Trailer
Shrooms – New Trailer
The Black Waters of Echoes Pond – Trailer
Let The Right One Come In – No clue what they’re saying, but this looks great!

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