Last Week in Horror, August 10th to the 17th

Posted by Peter Hall - August 17th 2008 @ 11:53 am

Last Week in Horror, folk got all in a huff over talks that CANDYMAN was not only being remade, but that the titular ghost of a murdered slave would be as white as the slave-drivers what killed ’em.  Just talks, folks, just talks.  Though, I suppose that is how it always starts.

Magnet Releasing announced a release schedule for some damn fine looking films.  Sadly, the plan seems to be a NY/LA release with a platform expansion only if the films perform well.  Bruce Campbell confirmed that no one has any clue what in the undead hell is going on with anything to do with EVIL DEAD.

Oh, and if you heard about that whole Bigfoot dead in a cooler deal.  Hoax, of course.

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