Last Week in Horror: 4/20 : 4/27

Posted by Peter Hall - April 27th 2008 @ 3:53 pm

Last Week in Horror was either all remakes or all horror sequels [most redundant typo ever?]. IT’S ALIVE, HELL NIGHT, FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE FURY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME all had tidbits tidbitting about. However, I am quite sure the biggest news of the week was Eli Roth announcing his [temporary] withdrawal from horror? Why?  For a “big budget” PG-13 disaster flick. Sounds to me like someone got handed their hat after HOSTEL II stunk up the joint.

UPDATE(!!!): I missed a new Uwe Boll video, which is perhaps the best one yet. Boll vs Bay in ’08. The man desperately wants to meet Michael Bay in the ring.

I love Uwe Boll.

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  1. R.J. Sayer
    April 27th, 2008 | 11:40 pm | #1

    Fucking Goddamn Fucking Remakes.

    Fucking Fuck.

  2. R.J. Sayer
    April 27th, 2008 | 11:59 pm | #2

    Though, I must say:

    Holy shit, that SCARECROW teaser was pretty fucking sweet.

    The cinematography was awesome. The way it played out was deliberate and moody. And man, that fucking music! Please, nobody tell the composer that they aren’t scoring the next Indiana Jones movie… just let them do what they’re doing. Horror desperately needs that kind of shit again.

    I didn’t even mind the blatant nod to MONSTER SQUAD at the end there.

    also, i LOVE arbitrary thunderstorms. and arbitrary fog. and this motherfucker had BOTH.


    i mean, after NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW, DARK HARVEST, PSYCHO SCARECROW, SCARECROW GONE WILD, SCARECROW SLAYER, and even SKARECROW, i’d pretty much given WAY the fuck up on the whole scarecrow slasher subgenre. but this… this looks promising.

    then again, i’ve never seen 1988’s SCARECROWS, directed by William Wesley, and I hear that’s pretty good.

    and I read on IMDb that this one has a “group of adolescents” as the protagonists. welcome back 1980s horror-movie-awesomeness… i missed you dearly.

    that’s an aussie accent i hear at the beginning, right?

    only gives me more hope.

  3. R.J. Sayer
    April 28th, 2008 | 12:05 am | #3

    BANSHEE!!!, however, does not look so good.

    and i would just like to state for the record that I can’t stand Arrow-in-the-Head. and John Fallon is a douchebag.

  4. April 28th, 2008 | 5:11 am | #4

    I’m not that big a fan of Arrow either, but in terms of news they’ve the best site for all of it in the same place WITH proper links back to the original stories. Bloody-Disgusting always has dead links to any of their non-exclusives, which is just poor form. Fango recently redesigned their site putting it on top, but I’ve kind of stuck with Arrow out of habit.

    Then again it also kills me that if you actually read any of AITH’s ‘reporting’ 4/5ths of the bits go like this, “Now, I haven’t seen HOSTEL, but I hear its pretty amazing!!” And they’ll do it for years after a film has left theaters, entered DVD players the world over and has a sequel on the way. I’d have to go out of my way to not see as many flicks as those people seem to.

  5. R.J. Sayer
    April 28th, 2008 | 2:32 pm | #5

    I completely agree with you about Arrow. they do post pretty much EVERYTHING that comes their way (when I sent out an item to all the sites a few years ago about an EQUINOX screening in Hollywood, they were the only one that actually followed up on it)… however, the negative you mentioned is a huge one. and the opinions they express reflect the worldliness and perspective of a maladjusted 12-year-old boy in a particularly whitebread suburb. and not the interesting, geeky 12-year-old boy, but the one who beats him up everyday for being a “fag”.

    i usually stick with DreadCentral for my news.

    and yeah, FUCK Bloody Disgusting.

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