If there was any doubt…

Posted by Peter Hall - October 27th 2008 @ 10:34 pm

…that “TRUE BLOOD” is inspired television, I submit to you this past Sunday’s, episode, “The Fourth Man in the Fire.”  Won’t get in to too many of the details as I am convinced all non-watchers will some day be converts, but it featured a cameo role by none other than Stephen Root as a gay vampire who just wants to spend his eternal life watching television in peace.

Oh, the actor’s IMDB credits do not list the HBO show, nor does the show’s page list the character, but the man was on.  Oh, and how on he was.  It’s a bit role,  though it looks to roll into next week, but in a scant few minutes of screen time Root sold vampiric, unrequited empathy with a fierce tenderness.  Props to Libby Goldstein and her casting department.  Once again you have out done yourselves.

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