DVD Buying Guide: January ’08

Posted by Peter Hall - January 14th 2008 @ 5:50 pm

2007 had some quality horror, no doubt, but it also had more than a few titles that left the, "Eh, I’ll catch it on DVD" impression.  The first month of 2008 seems to be the resting place for more than a few of those.  Fret not, however, as there is a healthy dose of non-suck ready for consumption as well.

January 1st:

Kicking off the lonely shelves of new year, one of the dregs of last year:  Resident Evil: Extinction!

Resident Evil: Extinction DVD

January 8th:

Ah, the Straight-to-DVD sequel.  Capitalism answered the unheeded call for sequels to White Noise and BoogeymanBoogeyman 2 will be terrible, I am sure, but White Noise 2 does have Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff in it.  Take that not as an endorsement of quality, more so actor availability.  While either of those films will likely end up on the Sci-Fi Channel, Mammoth premiered on the network and is, surprisingly, one of the more entertaining pieces of schlock those fellas have claimed as their own.  Terrible cheese, but tasty all the same.  Plus, Summer Glau is in it, so between Mammoth and White Noise 2 you can pretend to have a "Firefly" reunion.

Zodiac, which is arguably David Fincher’s masterwork, gets a Director’s Cut.  The difference between the two edits is about 7 minutes.  If you held off on catching and or grabbing the film earlier, now you have no excuse. 

Sunshine (review) was one of my favorite films of 2007.  I think it is a tremendous piece of filmmaking from Danny Boyle and tops the apoplectic vision of 28 Days Later.

I missed Joshua in theaters in 2007 and feel as if the wait for the DVD has been tenuous.  I’m eager to check it out now that I have the chance to.

Death Sentence is a film I thought looked alright and proceeded to hear was, as predicted, just alright.  Again, DVD to the rescue!

Finally, 3:10 to Yuma.  I am not a fan of the Western, but 3:10 to Yuma is one of the few films of the genre that I eat up.  I’ve seen it 3 times, which likely surprises me more than it does you.  The headliners, Bale and Crowe, are an ideal match and all of the supporting players turn out A game.

White Noise 2 Boogeyman 2 DVD Mammoth DVD
Zodiac Director's Cut DVD Sunshine DVD Joshua DVD
Death Sentence DVD 3:10 to Yuma

January 15th:

The third Tuesday is packed with STD releases, so do no let their absence here fool you.  They do exist, if you want them I am sure you can find them.  However, there is one title that must be discussed and yet I can not find the damned thing anywhere on Amazon.  The best I could do was a Best Buy link, which is little better than no link at all.

Monster is, of course, The Asylum’s preemptive piggy backing off of Cloverfield.  It will be exactly what you expect from the outfit.

Monster DVD

January 22nd:

Again, only one release worth mentioning and it is one of those ‘catch on DVD’ titles; Saw IV.  Unrated, whatever that means.

Saw IV

January 29th:

I’ve already spoke of Lake Placid 2 thrice on this site(announcement, review, sadness), let this be the last it ever goes mentioned.

Automatons, which is not to be confused with Automaton Transfusion, is a truly Indie flick (none of those $70 million budget Indie-label hooey) about a robot uprising.  It may as well be a long lost "Twilight Zone" episode.

Unlike other releases this month, Right at Your Door is a film I wanted to see in theaters, but simply could not.  Great premise about a dirty bomb that goes off in LA that has gotten an equal amount of great praise.

Finally, Season 6 of "Curb Your Enthusiasm".  Perhaps the most honest of the Curb seasons, which gives it an almost heart-ache level of hilarious.

Lake Placid 2 DVD - Rip-off Automatons Right At Your Door DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm

In Order of Importance:

Zodiac: Director’s Cut
3:10 to Yuma

Right at Your Door

And then all the rest…..

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  1. crackerjunx
    January 14th, 2008 | 11:46 pm | #1

    yes there has been a movie about spontaneous human combustion. a veritable toby hooper classic indeed called spontaneous combustion starring a true great mr. brad dourif. tisk tisk peter ! congrats by the way.since i cant seem to get you on the phone. i was very happy to hear the news.

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