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Posted by Peter Hall - March 20th 2007 @ 8:59 pm Creature of the Week, Portal Opener

Stop whatever you are doing right now and follow this link.  This is as much a recommendation from me to you as is a recommendation for breathing from your medulla oblongata to your lungs.  This needs to be obeyed, otherwise you’re going to die a little inside.

Not just a handful, but a genuine majority of the art work compiled here is more inspired, more original and just plain more badass than any creature on film since The Thing (well, maybe The Host).  When I wake up in the morning knowing I dreamt of something amazing, but woefully cannot remember, I’m just going to assume from this point on that I was dreaming of seeing any of these things on the big screen.

Oh, and worth note, each post containing the winner of the week also links back to the entire week’s submissions.  Check those out as well, as many that didn’t make the popular cut are equally magnificent.  Now say goodbye to whatever you were doing before clicking that link, your day belongs to browsing  And, of course, a list of favorites for those sinners too lazy to scroll both pages:

Digger Creature – Looks delightfully like something straight out of Oddworld.
Nocturnal Predator – I’m too busy shitting myself to properly comment on this one.
Evolutionary Dead End
Portal Opener – This has set the bar for what Seth Brundle needs to look like in the next remake of The Fly – anything less is an automatic failure.
The Most Useless Creature – No, it isn’t a picture of Paris Hilton.
Orange Sea Leviathan – Oh how you live in my dreams.  Neighbor to the Kraken.
Heart Harvester – Because a gullet full of hearts is never a bad thing.

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  1. Cody
    March 21st, 2007 | 3:41 am | #1

    How much mana does that take to throw down? I mean that’d be pretty cool if I was making an Artist deck.

  2. Ripp
    March 21st, 2007 | 6:47 am | #2

    Looks like a gold card, probably Blue / Black combo.

  3. Brian
    March 24th, 2007 | 5:18 pm | #3

    Dude, I was gonna let you tell me whether or not to see Hills Have Eyes 2 this weekend. Considering it could be a total disaster, I’ll probably play it safe with Shooter or something. Review HHE2. Thanks.

  4. March 24th, 2007 | 7:37 pm | #4

    I can tell you right now, you’ll probably want to pass on it and go see Shooter. Good friend of mine who has very similar taste said Shooter was pure ’80s action goofiness, in the best of ways. He also caught Hills 2 last night and said that it had some rocking deaths, but was junk otherwise – which is about what could be expected.

    I do want to see it in theaters, but considering I leave the country in a few days for a few weeks, it’ll probably be gone by the time I get back.

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