Weekly News Re-Cap: 09/23 – 09/30

Posted by Peter Hall - September 30th 2007 @ 10:27 am

Theatrical Trailers and Clips
Saw IV – TV Spot
Midnight Meat Train – Not too shabby after all…

Studio News and Attachments
Case 39 gets pushed back again, now release August 22, 2008.
The Mist gets a great poster.
Continuing with speculation, Cloverfield’s practical effects may or may not be done by the great Phil Tippett.
Resident Evil: Extinction director to adapt Zen in the Art of Slaying Vampires.
The Day the Earth Stood Still remake dips out of its May ’08 competition and slides to December 12th.

The Eye goes back for two weeks of reshoots, most importantly without the original directing duo.  Instead of the guys who did the great French horror Them, we get the guy who made Dracula 2000.
Mick Garris decides to remake a rare Australian vampire flick from the ’70s called Thirst.

Random and Indie News
A contest promoting the DVD of 1408 will send you for a night to a haunted hotel of your choice.
Anchor Bay will release the slasher-esque Wrestlemaniac in March of ’08.
Jason Mewes cast in Twice Shy, a vampiress in modern day tale
Uwe Boll to make Zombie Massacre, claims it will be a harsh zombie film like 28 Days Later, claim sure to be invalid.
David Duchovny says The X-Files 2 is going to start filming in December.
Megan Fox supposedly interested in playing the title Hack of Hack/Slash, which if my memory of the comic’s heroine’s wardrobe is correct, is good news for everyone.

Indie/Foreign Trailers and Clips
Shrooms – A second trailer for one of my more anticipated imports

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  1. shawn
    October 1st, 2007 | 5:56 am | #1

    David Duchovney has been saying they are making an X-Files 2 for years. It has gotten to the point where I don’t believe it till I see it. I see it was added to his IMDB profile which is defiantly a good step but I want a synopsis, possibly even a trailer before I let my hopes get to high.

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