Weekly News Re-Cap : 06/24 – 07/01

Posted by Peter Hall - July 1st 2007 @ 11:37 am

Screw it, I’m adding a new heading just for remakes.  The depressing thing isn’t that there is now a need for this, but that it will consistently contain more items than any of the other headings.

Studio Trailers and Clips
Skinwalkers – Clip
Eastern Promises – Not horror, but the day this site ignores David Cronenberg is a day that you will never see.
Fido – Clip
Mandy Lane – Take note anyone who wants to bring the slasher back, take note!  This is how you do it!

Studio News and Attachments
Fox pays for another near death experience flick that has a very original name
Ghost House teams with FearNet.com for short films featuring characters from the various 30 Days of Night stories.
The Spierig brothers are going for broke with Daybreakers, casting Ethan Hawke, Sam Neil and now Willem Dafoe.

Two Months before its release date, Zombie has just finished reshoots which include an additional 6 deaths and an entirely different ending.  That’s a good sign, right?
On top of that, more cast keeps getting announced
Cameron Diaz headlines Richard Kelly’s adaptation of the Richard Matheson Twighlight Zone episode The Box, which previously had Kelly writing for Eli Roth to direct.  Poor Eli
A Tale of Two Sisters gets its two, but you’ve heard of neither of them.
Tobin Bell well sing in Bousman’s Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Lionsgate ponies up for a new Jacob’s Ladder.
Vertigo Entertainment pushing for a televised ‘re-imagining’ of Psycho.
Brittany Snow confesses, "There’s no blood, guys or gore." in the remake of Prom Night.
Someone breaks out the ‘hard R’ label for the Last House on the Left redo.

Random and Indie News
Danny Boyle says he has an idea for another 28 x Later, but is unsure if it would ever happen.
Renny Harlin back at the awesomeness with Cleaner, about murder or something.  It doesn’t matter, it’s Renny Harlin.
The failure of Hostel 2 is being, once again, cited as the death of R horror

Indie/Foreign Trailers and Clips
Shrooms – The UK is kicking ass these days…

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