Weekly News Re-Cap: 01/14 – 01/21

Posted by Peter Hall - January 21st 2007 @ 4:57 pm

Not a whole lot this week, especially since there was a good deal of overlap from last week’s delayed re-cap.  Oh, and I finally updated the Alphabetical Review Index.

Studio Trailers and Clips
Dead Silence – Has one badass trailer.  I guess James Wan wasn’t one hit wonder.
Sunshine – Equally badass trailer, albeit a Sci-Fi one.

Studio News and Attachments
On his MySpace page, Rob Zombie eloquently states, "There is a new Sheriff in Haddonfield and his name is BRAD DOURIF.  Enjoy Fuckers!"
Stephen King’s latest adaptation, 1408, knocked back from May to July 13th, ’07.
Rachael Taylor cast as one of the co-leads of the already DOA Shutter remake.
Word has it Rob Zombie is eating his words and re-writing his Halloween script.

Random and Indie News
Director Clint Hutchinson gives Fangoria the simple, but classy poster for Conjurer.

Indie and Foreign Trailers/Clips
American Zombie
Them – UK Trailer

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