The Tripper out on DVD October 23rd.

Posted by Peter Hall - October 21st 2007 @ 4:00 am
The Tripper DVD Art

By now The Tripper really doesn’t need too much of an introduction.  Even casual fans are bound to know that it is a slasher from David Arquette.  It was included, on a limited basis, in last year’s After Dark Horror fest, had a minor theatrical run in a few cities after that and played to great reception at damn near every festival in the Northern Hemisphere.

And yet I still haven’t seen it.  That’ll change after the DVD release this Tuesday, the 23rd, as I have reserved a special slot for it in this weekend’s first (bi-?)annual Horror’s Not Dead All Day Long.  No, I haven’t created Northern Virgina’s first ever genre film festival, yet, but I do have a 50 inch plasma, a house rattling sound system and more friends to come than places for them to sit.  I’d be charging money were it not, ya know, exactly what those big red warnings tell you not to do.

If you’re still doubtful that The Tripper is going to be worthwhile, check out this web promo cut especially for those viral marketers; it is fun (downloadable Quicktime).

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  1. October 22nd, 2007 | 7:26 am | #1

    OK, I’m officially out of the loop now.

    I must admit that I have never heard of a horror movie directed by David Arquette, starring Jason Mewes and Pee-Wee Herman.

    Can’t see why, it all seems so obvious. I’ll trade in my membership card now.

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