Last Week in Posters – Captivity to Strangers to Unearthed

Posted by Peter Hall - March 18th 2007 @ 11:27 am

Aside from the already linked new Captivity poster and its insanely high pixel count, last week had a pretty solid set of wall candy debut.  It doesn’t count as a poster, but who can pass up the fact that Maxim is running 3 "collectors edition" covers featuring the girls of Planet Terror?  I would never have put money on any ‘cover girl’ sporting one leg, but Rose McGowan is bringing scream queen sexy back with a degree of hott that requires two t’s.  Haven’t bought the rag with any regularity since high school, but some Grindhouse special coverage may make me pick up a copy.

Latino Review snapped a picture of a debut poster for home-invasion flick The Strangers from this past week’s ShoWest convention.  Fuckin’ A is it awesome.  I’d hang that on my wall in a second.

Finally, Unearthed.  It’s a crisp looking job, but more importantly it is representing the newest film from Matthew Leutwyler, director of the infallible Dead & BreakfastD&B is the best independent film of the millennium, hands down.  I can’t wait to see what he cooks up next.

Captivity Ultra High Quality Poster

Rose McGowan, Grindhouse Maxim Cover

The Strangers

Unearthed Poster

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  1. March 18th, 2007 | 3:25 pm | #1

    Those are some awesome Maxim covers! I might have to go out and pick up all three.

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