Lake Placid 2 World Premiere Tonight!

Posted by Peter Hall - April 28th 2007 @ 1:47 pm

One of my favorite guilty pleasures for weekend, when I’m going to have the TV on all day and nothing crucial to do is to just plop on Sci-Fi, because we all know the Sci-Fi Channel has got the market cornered on sheer cable movie awesome.  Remember that movie you fell asleep watching somewhere somewhen at 1am, that movie that was so vehemently mediocre you couldn’t turn away until the body caved to slumber?  Well Sci-Fi remembers it too, and they will play it and every movie tangentially connected to it 24 hours a day once the week ends.

And then there are the Saturday night premieres.  Those Sci-Fi originals who know exactly what they are and never forget it.  Tonight there is a doozey!  I knew Lake Placid 2 was in production, but I had no clue it was both done and posed to beat upon the face of the world this April 28th at 9/8C until I turned the network on this morning.  Scanning past the likes of Dinocroc, Crocodile parts one (which I’ve just noticed was directed by Tobe Hooper) and two to see what was playing the rest of the day.

I.  Am.  There.

Well, probably not.  But at least we all know it will be there.

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