Hey, is Eduardo Sanchez Making a Movie in China?

Posted by Peter Hall - August 16th 2007 @ 5:19 pm

Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator/director/writer of The Blair Witch Project and the ruthlessly under-appreciated Altered, recently gave an interview to Bloody Good Horror! [via BD] mentioning his new movie, Seventh Moon:

It’s basically about this honeymooning couple in China, that are visiting China during the seventh lunar month, which is kind of like the superstitious month (in China) kind of like Halloween. And they just kind of run into some bad things there in China.

I’m not the level 70 Rogue Wordsmith Sanchez is, but I think, just maybe, this new flick has something to do with that country, can’t think of the name, who built that one pretty good fence.  Kidding aside, I’m looking forward to the flick, because, well, have you fuckin’ seen Altered yet?  If you have and you’re not already shaking your fist triumphantly in the air and muttering eager expletives under your breath, you need to watch it a few more times.  Mutha is gooood.  And let us not forget he co-created a film so massively popular its financial accomplishment will, in all probability, never be toppled in the yet-written history of mankind.

Very interested to see what the end product is.  Though, I will admit, all I can picture right now is that scene from The Arrival with Charlie Sheen chasing someone down the streets of Mexico during the Dia De Los Muertos parade.  Except, of course, with more Raiden hats and less maracas.

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