DVD Buying Guide: May ’07

Posted by Peter Hall - May 4th 2007 @ 2:11 pm

May may actually be the worst month of the year for DVDs.  I’m not sure if the studio reasoning behind skimping on releases is the hope that nothing to buy means people will instead spend money on a theater ticket or not, but it sure seems like it.

There are only a handful of titles worth mention.  And I mean that literally.  If at the end of May you were to go to a store and pick up everything from the month worth buying, you could grab all 5 of them in one hand.  Only one of those could be considered horror, even then that genre label isn’t exhaustive.  On top of that little pile, I don’t even have too much to say about any of these to begin with.

Le sigh.

May 1st:

There are only three releases this week, one of them a shitty horror remake, another a cult ’80s comedy and the third a boxset of films from Alejandro Jodorwsky.  I’ve seen none of these.  Great things have been said of Jodorwsky and this boxset, so I’ll be seeing the films inside it one way or another.

Fletch is, apparently, Chevy Chase at his absolute best.  I’ve never gotten around to seeing it, but that is only because it never came up.

The Hitcher remake doesn’t require much explanation.  You don’t have to even guess as to how much it’ll suck, but it makes good with the teen demographic.  It’ll probably get reviewed at some point, but I’m not looking forward to it.

Alejandro Jodorowsky Boxset Fletch The Hitcher

May 8th:

Have you heard of this Fearmakers Collection?  Neither have I, but it sports hours and hours of "unseen" documentaries about genre pioneers, so it is probably worth a casual eye.

The 4400 Season Three.  I don’t watch the show, but the premise is great and the first few episodes were promising.  Plus, I’d of felt pathetic listing just one title for the week.

Fearmakers Collection The 4400 Third Season

May 15th:

Aronofsky is a brilliant, brilliant man.  The Fountain is not his masterpiece, but it is an experience to watch.  It has instantaneous emotional investment and one wild, sweeping eye feast.  I will be picking this up on HD DVD as soon as I can.

Pan’s Labyrinth is a good movie, no doubt, but I wasn’t nearly as infatuated with it as the rest of the world seemed to be.  It is a shame that the picture isn’t getting released on at least one HD platform, but it does have both single and two disc sets, so watch out which one you grab.

The Fountain HD DVD Pan'a Labyrinth Special Edition

May 22nd:

Mel Gibson may be psychotic in his personal life, but Apocalypto looked psychotic enough for me to enjoy it. 

Tartan dishes out a Thai import called Dorm, which is probably on par with most other Asian horror these days.

Finally, Letters From Iwo Jima.  Again, another picture I haven’t seen, but have obviously heard great things about.  Out in all formats.

Apocalypto DVD Dorm DVD Letters from Iwo Jima HD DVD

May 29th:

Blood and Chocolate, aka that weak ass werewolf flick, tanked critically and commercially.  Why anyone would want to own it is beyond me, but should you, it is available on Blu Ray.

Fangoria did a piece on Australian director Mark Savage a while back, so I recognized the cover of Defenceless instantly, even if I didn’t recognize the title.  So that’s saying something…right?

Last up, a special, gimmicky edition of Ichi the Killer.  It comes in a blood bag and has two discs.  I dig the hell out of Miike, honoring him as one of the most distinct auteurs of our generation, but Ichi isn’t worth recommending because frankly its just unpleasant to watch.  Its shock and awe tactics put Miike on the map, but this is low-brow when it comes to what the director can do.  However, if you don’t own it and want to, this is the copy to grab.

Blood and Chocolate DVD Defenceless DVD Ichi the Killer Special Eddition

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  1. Ripp
    May 5th, 2007 | 10:22 am | #1

    Good, a slow month for DVD’s. More reason to save up a little more money.

    Also, to whoever was in charge of saying “Don’t release Pan’s Labyrinth in any HD format” – May your family be plagued with fire, famine, disease and death. How can a movie that won 3 academy awards for Cinematography, Art Direction and Makeup NOT come out in HD. THEY’RE ALL VISUAL AWARDS! Here movie that won for being beautiful you get 480i! Fuck somebody! /end rant.

  2. R.J. Sayer
    May 6th, 2007 | 12:36 pm | #2

    that Jodorowsky box set is a blessing to surrealist film lovers. it’s been a long time coming and i’m so glad the wait is finally over.

    i’m actually glad this month is going to suck.

    there are far too many amazing titles coming out later this year and i’d like to hang on to some of my money.

    hell, Monster Squad and The Host are coming out on THE SAME DAY.

    that’s fifty bucks right there.

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