DVD Buying Guide: Late June ’07

Posted by Peter Hall - June 24th 2007 @ 3:14 pm

Late isn’t the only word to describe this DVD guide.  In fact, guide really doesn’t even fit as I’m only covering 4 movies this time around.  The word I’d go with is…paltry lame.

I’m not going to bother breaking it down the way I usually do; week by week.  There are only two dates here and since one of them has passed, I’ll fall back on a recommendation that all of these be sought out on or after June 26th.


The Abandoned
I’ve spoken on and off of The Abandoned for some time now, so my affection for it is already clear.  I think it is the best thing After Dark Films has yet to put out.  It lacks the poetry of Aftermath, but it is still heavy on the senses and one of the more worth while horror titles of recent times – even if it seems like I’m the only person on the internet who truly dug it.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
I was genuinely dissapointed when I missed out on the much talked about Behind the Mask during its brief and narrow theater run.  More people than I’d like to track down and link to have sung the praises of Scott Glosserman’s approach to the ‘serial killer hires documentary crew’ story line.  This will be a no-brainer blind buy for me, plus that cover is just awesome.

Dead Silence
James Wan may have genre fan boys by their wagging tongues, but he isn’t what has me interested in the moderately successful Dead Silence.  I’m talking about Donnie Wahlberg.  The unsung man who is bringing sexy back to horror.  Out on HD DVD as well.

I reviewed a UK copy of Isolation months ago and while I don’t think anyone should be breaking open any piggy banks to grab a copy as soon as possible, it is definitely worth a watch on cable some time.  Or a Netflix if you’ve got nothing ahead of it in the queue.

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