Dear Audience, You’re Not Funny.

Posted by Peter Hall - July 22nd 2007 @ 10:34 am

And you are certainly not funnier than Bruce Campbell.

I finally popped my AFI Silver cherry last night with a midnight showing of Evil Dead 2.  The 35mm print looked beautiful, the sound was crisp, but the audience was moronic.  I am all for audience interaction, especially for something as fun as Evil Dead 2, but unless you’re George Costanza, keep your mouth shut – even if it is a midnight crowd.

I love the raucous applause when Ash delivers a classic line, but when he goes in for a kiss, to yell "Butt Sex!" is not comic genius.  The only decent comment made all night was, "You got green on you," and even then it was repeated at least 4 more times, as if to consciously nullify the original enjoyment as much as possible.

Maybe I’m just an old man in a 21 year old, now, 22 year old body..

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  1. July 22nd, 2007 | 10:42 am | #1

    Oh man, that place looks like heaven.

    I wanna go see Lawrence of Arabia there and then lock myself in for a Janus film festival. Awesome.

  2. July 22nd, 2007 | 10:59 am | #2

    I’ve already been ordered by multiple people to see Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen, which is apparently going to redefine my life.

  3. Adrian
    July 23rd, 2007 | 2:15 am | #3

    Did anyone yell, “I’m on the hunt; I’m after you!?”

  4. July 23rd, 2007 | 4:08 am | #4

    No, but everyone did laugh when he played the piano.

  5. R.J. Sayer
    July 23rd, 2007 | 12:38 pm | #5

    i had the same problem when i caught a recent midnight screening of Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3-D.

    people were yelling all kinds of dumb shit. fake gasps. inappropriate laughter.

    and i was just sitting there, practically 5 years old again, blown away by the costume and the 3-D effects.

    i mean seriously…

    it’s enough to make you want to punch somebody in the mouth.

    with a sword.

  6. Sean
    July 23rd, 2007 | 6:19 pm | #6

    Haha, I know how that is. I went to see The Messengers, and some stupid girl kept going “OMG WHAT IS THAT! WHAT IS THAT! WHAAAAT ISSSS THAAAT!” and screaming at stupid moments, and people were heckling the film.

    I want to see Halloween on the theater screen, but I had a freaking 6 o’ clock test when they played it at 7. I was so mad.

  7. July 24th, 2007 | 11:38 am | #7

    Had a similar problem when I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight a few years back. Some of the yelling was fun, but just as many were forced, dumb, or — in one particularly hideous case — utterly overlong.

    Anyway, these kinds of things are generally fun enough, I think, to make up for audience stupidity. Unless you actually want to watch the movie, that is.

  8. shawn
    July 25th, 2007 | 6:57 am | #8

    This is exactly why I hated watching pre release screenings of movies at my college. I went to a very small university and thusly we had nothing to do so when a movie was pre screening everyone showed up and that increases the retard factor by a lot. I hated those people who would not shut the fuck up so much honestly.

  9. January 5th, 2008 | 6:51 am | #9

    I feel for ya, man. Nothing worse than idiots in the theater who think they’re friggin’ comedians. I’m ashamed to say that I’d imagine it’s even worse at a gathering of film geeks like us (I wouldn’t know from experience, as I’ve never had the opportunity to attend anything like this beyond a movie room at a convention or two).



  10. R.J. Sayer
    April 25th, 2008 | 5:07 am | #10

    Just read this. apparently i missed it when you posted it.

    i had a similar (but possibly even more infuriating) experience when i went to a midnight screening of Creature From the Black Lagoon (in Fuckin’ 3-D, sucka!) last year.

    i was so pissed i actually posted in my livejournal about it (yes, apparently i AM a 15 year old girl).

    maybe i’ll email it to you.

  11. R.J. Sayer
    April 26th, 2008 | 4:58 pm | #11

    Wow. i guess i DID do to many drugs in college.

    apparently, i completely FORGOT that i DID read this and even fucking COMMENTED on it.


    say no to hallucinogens, kids.

  12. R.J. Sayer
    April 26th, 2008 | 4:59 pm | #12

    apparently, i also forgot how to spell the word “too”.

  13. April 27th, 2008 | 1:28 am | #13


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