30 Days of Night – Red Band Trailer + Badass Scene

Posted by Peter Hall - July 29th 2007 @ 9:28 am

[coolplayer autoplay="false" loop="false" download="hide"] http://horrorsnotdead.com/vids/30don_trailer_red.flv [/coolplayer]

I dig this harder ‘Red Band’ trailer and following scene from the David Slade (Hard Candy) directed adaptation of Steve Niles pitch black graphic novel so much that I actually went out of my lazy way to install a plugin to embed this duo for all equally lazy people to stream*.  Clip found by Twitch, who, unless I am oblivious, seem to be the only folks showing it the love it deserves.  Oh well, just means when 30 Days of Night comes out October 19th no one is going to see this jaw-breaker coming.

Now all I need is that Mist footage from Comi-Con and I’ll have my fill for best horror of the year.

*It is 32MB, so it may take some time to buffer.  Direct download it here.

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  1. joe
    October 5th, 2007 | 10:03 pm | #1

    This movie looks like it will be kick ass!

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