Weekly News Re-Cap: 8/20 – 8/27

Posted by Peter Hall - August 28th 2006 @ 12:22 am

I apologize for the lack of reviews, I’ve come down with a sickness and have been busying looking at new jobs.  But once I get a 9-5 job, as oppossed to the soul draining, weekend-less, 11+ hour shifts I have now, you can expect a return to more regular writings.

Trailers/Clips (Studio)
Turistas (embeded clip)
The Wicker Man (clips of the upcoming remake)

Studio News/Attachments
Mandalay Pictures options Living Dead Girl script, nothing to do with the song.
Kevin Smith’s horror movie is going to be a straight-faced creep fest.
Monster House is getting a second 3D run in October!

Random News
George Romero returns to his indie roots with Diary of the Dead.
Angela Bettis to pop out of the screen in 3D flick, Scar.
Fangoria Chainsaw Awards nominees announced.
Spike TV Scream Awards nominees also announced.

Trailers/Clips (Indie/Foreign)
S&Man (Indie horror doc)
Satan’s Playground

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