Weekly Horror News Re-Cap, 6/18 – 6/25

Posted by Peter Hall - June 26th 2006 @ 10:05 am

Trailers/Clips (Studio)
The Night Listener Trailer (not exactly horror, more Robin Williams eeriness)
Sunshine low quality clips (sci-fi horror from Danny Boyle)

Studio News/Attachments

Gerard Butler in talks to be the priest in… Priest
Saw III finished filming.  This is a seriously slow news week when I report that a film I really don’t care about one way or the other just happened to wrap.

Random News
Simon Baker wants more Romero Dead films
Interview with Rob Zombie that doesn’t really reveal much about the new Halloween
Original When a Stranger Calls writers suing Sony.  It took more than one person to write a story that any 13 year old at a slumber party can tell in about 3 minutes?
Fangoria Radio site launches, need Sirius to actually listen
A sequel to Screamers?

Trailers/Clips (Indie/Foreign)

Stagknight Clip (British horror comedy)
Trail of the Screaming Forehead Clip (from the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra! people)
Human Residue Trailer (no budget, Euro-indie horror)
The Room Trailer (Belgian spooker whose plot is remarkably similar to something I wanted to write.  Sad.)

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  1. June 26th, 2006 | 4:22 pm | #1

    Dear Simon Baker,

    We all want more Romero zombie movies, but you’re forgetting two things:

    1. The next one, if it ever happens, won’t happen any time soon.

    2. You certainly won’t be in it.

    To my knowledge, the only reoccurring role in any of the four films is Tom Savini’s biker character. The odds that you’ll pull a full Savini amount of horror cred by the time the next one comes out are astoundingly close to zero.

    Just an FYI,

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