Trailers: In The Name of a King

Posted by Peter Hall - June 14th 2006 @ 2:27 pm

When not training to be the ultimate fighter, Uwe Boll tries to make movies based off video games that should never have had movies made from them in the first place.  You may not recognize the title, but this is his Dungeon Siege movie.

Did Dungeon Siege even have a plot past hacking and slashing stuff up?  Either way, it at least looks like Uwe Boll is making a fantasy "epic" that the new generation of youngsters can watch on cable in a few years, think is the coolest movie ever made, then forget about it once they see movies that are actually good.  Then when they grow up they’ll try to remember the name of that "totally awesome" movie they saw when they were 8, eventually find out, rent it beam it through their omega channel fiber optic futurevision set and wonder why they ever liked it in the first place.

I don’t know about you, but I always LOVE those kind of movies.  Whenever I happen to be 8 years old.

In the Name of a King: a Dungeon Siege Tale Promo Reel/Trailer


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  1. Ripp
    June 16th, 2006 | 3:20 pm | #1

    Shadowbane should be made into a movie. It has bad ass lore. Though to pull it off you’d need a pretty large budget in my perfect world. Make it happen Peter.

  2. June 18th, 2006 | 3:03 am | #2

    I think it could be fun, at least just to see Burt Reynolds and Ray Liotta in a medieval fantasy setting.

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