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Posted by Peter Hall - April 8th 2006 @ 2:05 pm

Hatchet is a film by some guy – and I say some guy because there is no reason to know him – named Adam Green, and while I know very little as to what the film is about, I do know that the flick has been getting a lot of name recognition around horror sites for months now. Then again, any indie horror that attracts genre vets to its cast (Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Robert Englund), even in the smallest of roles, gets positive hype about it, so don’t let that fool you. It screens, for what I believe is the first time, in a few weeks at the Tribeca Film Festival, and so Hatchet’s official site has posted a teaser trailer in the festival’s honor.

While the trailer is just a series of title cards without any footage (or even still frames) of the final product, it’s still pretty damn cool. But, I’m not going to join this Hatchet bandwagon just yet, for many reasons, only one of which is the poor phrasing of the tag line:

and it’s not based on a Japanese one…

Don’t use a pronoun without ever introducing the noun it is replacing. I know I’m no ambassador to the land of flawless grammar, but still anyone can read that and realize how poorly it flows. If you can’t write a structurally sound tagline, why the hell should I, or anyone else, think you can write a feature length script? I know it’s supposed to be the prompt to a riddle of sorts, the title being the answer, but comeon’…that’s just awkward.

Hatchet Teaser Trailer

Via BD & Horror Channel

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  1. April 9th, 2006 | 1:29 pm | #1

    Did Adam Green himself came up with that tagline?

  2. April 9th, 2006 | 2:49 pm | #2

    Nah, I doubt it. I’m being a lot harsher on it because of that simple tagline than I should be…

  3. Darsh
    December 11th, 2006 | 12:30 pm | #3

    Hi , I am student and i need to make one project so if u have trailor about the book “Hatchet”.its written by Gary Paulsen. would you please send me ,because i can get some idea from that.



  4. December 11th, 2006 | 3:44 pm | #4

    Good luck with that, as I’m fairly certain there is no trailer for a book nor was there any movie of the book. I haven’t checked, so I don’t know for sure though.

    Pretty sure I remember it having a mini tornado in it in the end.

    And dinosaurs.

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