“Something to be Desired” Halloween Episode

Posted by Peter Hall - November 5th 2006 @ 5:49 pm
"Something to be Desired" Halloween Episode

I wish I could say I’ve been a die hard fan of Pittsburgh based web series "Something to be Desired" since its inception, but honestly I hadn’t heard of it until I received an email from Erik Schark pointing me towards their Halloween episode.

Clocking it at 13 minutes, the special finds the cast of fictitious WANT FM DJs defending themselves against a surprise horde of zombies on Halloween night.  It features classic undead makeup characterized by the films of the series’ hometown hero, George Romero, a sly combination of charm and wit, a wink at the flying spaghetti montster, and plastic zombie babies.

Do yourself and a fun group of indie filmmakers a favor and give the episode a watch.  Then, if you’re like me, give their site a look and watch some more.

Available in a two part stream or a downloadable 93mb .mov file.

Oh, and if you’re in doubt to the episode’s genre roots, they even have promo featuring Lloyd Kaufman!

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