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Posted by Peter Hall - April 10th 2006 @ 12:06 pm

A week after I prayed for some Fred Dekker news in my review of Night of the Creeps, Fango has some up on their site from the man himself in which he debunks Slither as a rip-off of Creeps, the possibility of DVD releases of both Creeps and Monster Squad, as well as a new film he is trying to get off the ground, which has now become this site’s most anticipated film, ever:

“I’ve been working on an end-of-the world sci-fi/horror/thriller which I’m writing and directing,” he explains. “I developed it with James Cameron’s company for a few years, then briefly with the RESIDENT EVIL producers, but we’re still looking for production financing. It’s a very personal, Dogme 95 take on creating a George Romero-like mythology, so I’m really excited about it. If I can pull it off, it’ll be completely different from my other films, and hopefully unlike any film ever made.”

So yah, whoever doesn’t jump on financing a film written and directed by Fred Dekker about the extinction of the entire human race is a fool who shouldn’t be in the business of making movies. Release this inevitable masterpiece a few weeks after DVD releases of Night of the Creeps and Monster Squad and you’ll be swimming in an ocean of coin that’d make Scrooge McDuck’s look cute.

Also, check out Scott Weinberg’s handy list up at Cinematical of ’80s Horror flicks that are still begging for a DVD release.  Some cool picks that I’ve never heard of, plus Dekker takes first.  As if that were any surprise.

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