Reasons I Shouldn’t Have Hope: Stay Alive

Posted by Peter Hall - February 9th 2006 @ 5:35 pm

Just give up, studios. Your track record is getting insultingly bad. And yet this flood of pg-13 bullshit turns a profit opening weekend because it is pg-13. When a Stranger Calls should never, ever, ever have been the #1 film in America. I present to you the ugly as hell trailer for Stay Alive. Stay Alive is about a game that, when a player dies in it, they die in real life. When the movie was first announced about 8 months ago, I was pissed off that it bore even a passing resemblance to my own The LAN. I’ll defend the script for The LAN til the day I die, but when we filmed everything went down the drain. But even still, The LAN is probably infinitely better than Stay Alive. First off, the trailer is just pathetically bad. It could kill an epileptic. But what slaps this studio ugliness even more is that in the trailer it touts that there are 100 million gamers in America. Yah, 100 million gamers who will ALL think your movie is a piece of shit. If you’re going to make a movie about games/gamers at least nail the culture. It isn’t that hard.

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