Perfume Teaser

Posted by Peter Hall - February 28th 2006 @ 12:21 am

In the land of internet time, I’m years late on posting this, but this teaser works so well that I should. I had downloaded the trailer when it was first posted on Twitch almost two weeks ago, but then forgot to watch it and just now found it on one of my drives. I don’t know much about Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, other than it is an adaptation of a book and is directed by the German filmmaker Tom Tykwer, director of the very respectable Run Lola Run, and despite the disappearance of either actor in the teaser itself, it stars Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman (of all people). Between Tykwer, Hoffman and Rickman alone the film has got some serious talent behind it. Here is to hoping it ups the ante of atmospheric chillers and makes people everywhere think there is someone hiding behind them. Sniffing. Perfume Teaser Trailer – Low quality, but effective all the same.

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