Official Pulse Trailer Out

Posted by Peter Hall - January 25th 2006 @ 3:43 pm

I was spreading around a bootleg cut of this trailer a few months ago, but the glossy one is now up at Apple, so check it out.


I wasn’t the biggest fan of the source of this remake, the 2001 Kiyoshi Kurosawa film Kairo, but I think that is due entirely to me being a nerd and not willing to accept the way that movie pushed computers. I don’t care if a movie pushes ghosts on me, but don’t make computers posessed by said ghosts – that is just soooooo unrealisitic.

The remake is directed by some guy named Jim Sonzero, who I’ve never heard anything about, but Kristen Bell’s involvement is incentive enough on its own for me to be excited about the movie. She clearly knows a good production when she sees one (Veronica Mars is one of the two best shows on TV right now), so her signing on here sells it in my book.

Plus the trailer is very solid. It has some shot for shot remakes of some of the highlights of the original. I love that they kept the freaky ass dancing lady. There is even a shot in there that isn’t just a remake, it is a complete lifting of the original shot (with original Asian actress and everything).

March 3rd is the release date (right up against The Hills Have Eyes).

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