Miike’s Imprint to air in UK!

Posted by Peter Hall - March 1st 2006 @ 10:20 pm

If you remember back to one of my earliest posts on the site, I mentioned that Takashi Miike‘s episode of Masters of Horror, titled Imprint, would not be aired by Showtime because they felt it was too offensive. You could practically hear the hearts of thousands of genre geeks every where simultaneously break when that news was announced.

Well it seems like Twitch has broken the news that Imprint will air afterall, on UK’s Bravo. The date is April 4th at 11pm. You can bet your ass I’ll have a copy of it April 5th.

Good going Showtime. You’ve masterfully isolated yourself from your audience. You could have just aired it yourself. At least that way the torrents of it – which are going to spread like wildfire – would have at least had your name in them.

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