Midnight Meat Train Sounds AMAZING?

Posted by Peter Hall - May 18th 2006 @ 10:05 am

Lionsgate, who is the single greatest thing to happen to the genre in years, and Lakeshore Entertainment are teaming up to produce Midnight Train, a renamed adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story "Midnight Meat Train", which is part of his Books of Blood.  The flick is to be directed by Patrick Tatopoulos, who is the effects expert who brought to life the best aspect of Silent Hill and who will be making his directorial debut here.  Hey, it worked for Stan Winston with Pumpkinhead, but not so much with Phil Tippet and Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation.  :-\

I’m making an active effort to start reading as much Clive Barker as I can, because the man really interests me and I keep hearing he is one twisted writer, but as of yet I haven’t read a single word he has ever penned.  Variety says it is about a photographer on a train looking for the "subway butcher" and in the process discovers an "unholy secret".  Yawn.

Way to make it sound boring, Variety, so I found a real description of the story (oh how I love you, Wikipedia), and below (spoilers warning) you’ll read why it sounds so amazing, followed by my original guess as to what it was really about:

A down-and-out man, Leon Kaufman, falls asleep on a New York subway train, only to wake up at a secret station beyond the end of the line. Kaufman encounters a man named Mahogany, who has killed and butchered several people and hung their bodies up on the train. Mahogany remarks that he will be forced to kill Kaufman to guard his secrets. Kaufman fights Mahogany and kills him in self-defense, but then the train doors open and strange malformed creatures board the train. The creatures eat the dead passengers, then force Kaufman to serve them as their new butcher, cutting out his tongue to ensure his silence. They tell Kaufman that Mahogany was getting old and could not do the job any longer, and that Kaufman now has a new career. It is also revealed that the creatures have also been the secret rulers of New York City for centuries. The police have always covered up for the creatures. Kaufman finds he now has lifetime employment.

"Variety says it is about a photographer on a train looking for the "subway butcher" and in the process discovers an "unholy secret", but knowing Barker I’m sure it’s ultimately about a man who finds an underground restaurant where the upper class of society pays to eat the homeless and have sex with dead people.  Actually, I should write that story."

Oh, and interesting to point out, Scott Weinberg said, in his review of the film, "Silent Hill is probably the best Clive Barker flick that Clive Barker had nothing to do with."  Well, now we get to see what Tatopoulos can do when Clive Barker is involved.

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