Masters of Horror: Imprint

Posted by Peter Hall - January 21st 2006 @ 3:01 pm

When the Masters of Horror anthology was announced, I don’t think there was a single genre fan who wasn’t going apeshit with anticipation. Now that the first season is almost over, there was almost no reason to be so excited. Don Coscareli and Dario Argento were the only two who really showed what is up. Anyways, suffice to say the series was a dissapointment, but saving Takashi Miike’s episode for last was what a lot of people thought would redeem the series. However, earlier this week Miike’s was officially dropped from the Showtime lineup under the grounds that his episode, Imprint, was too shocking for the network to air. Damn. I have no clue what the episode is about (I’ve heard rumblings of something involving fetuses), but it must have been pretty extreme for Showtime to have dropped it from their schedule. It’ll get its unedited, DVD release at some point, but until then, to further build anticipation is Miike’s response to the decision:

“To tell you the truth, I was not surprised to hear that IMPRINT would not air. Through the experience of directing this episode, I have discovered that while humor can have its limits, fear has no limits. I could not suppress the volume of terror that this film conveys.”

I hope so. Source: Fango

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