Fantastic Concept Art

Posted by Peter Hall - June 5th 2006 @ 2:17 pm

Twitch just threw up a great link to Miles Teves’ personal website, which features some amazing concept art from films he’s worked on.  There’s really good stuff on there, and some of it recognizeable from the end product, like the work for Slither or Chronicles of Riddick.

The above picture is from the forever in production Meg, about a, you guessed it, Megalodon.  Gotta love the picture "Go Fish", with the diver winding up to punch the shark in the eye.

And speaking of artists, check out the concept art of Craig Mullins, who does a lot of video game work.  Or the macabre paintings of Luke Chueh.  And of course, any chance I get to plug Brandon Bird, I will.  The Anguish is the only thing hanging in my living room.

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