DVD Buying Guide: June ’06

Posted by Peter Hall - June 3rd 2006 @ 7:03 pm

Here are all of June’s major R1 DVD releases, with links to the Amazon pages that contain all of the disc’s special features and technical aspects.  And yes, if you do buy something from clicking on the links or pictures, Amazon will show me some love, so I’d appreciate it.

Anyways, there’s actually some pretty good releases coming out this month, so check ’em out, and if there’s anything I’ve neglected, post it in the comments:

June 6th
By way of genuine horror, the first Tuesday in June doesn’t have a whole lot to offer.  Of all the genre releases, the only thing I’ll probably be checking out is Beyond the Wall of Sleep, because I simply can’t resist direct-to-DVD H.P. Lovecraft adaptations.

But, June 6th does see the Criterion release of Dazed & Confused, which is a disc everyone needs to buy and is one of two DVDs of the month.

June 13th
Today, on the other hand, does have some pretty cool releases.  First up, is the absolute must buy that is Dellamorte Dellamore, aka Cemetery Man.  It’s an amazing flick with some phenomenal direction.  I’m actually interested in checking out Room 6, which looks moderately entertaining.  I hear that The Dead Zone TV show is pretty decent, but I’ve honestly never watched it.

Non-genre though, we get Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, which is the second DVD of the month and also one of my favorite flicks from last year.  It’s a riot and is undoubtedly worth a blind buy by anyone.  I also really dug Green Street Hooligans, and would recommend it as a definite watch.  And, lastly, L.A. Story is getting a 25th Anniversary edition.  It’s one of my favorite comedies, which I already own so I probably won’t pick this up for financial reasons, but if you haven’t been introduced to it, this is the copy to have.


June 20th
It’s funny that this 2-Disc collectors edition of The Omen is released two weeks after the theatrical remake, because I’ve no doubt the remake will just be hideous by comparison.  This is something I’d actually consider picking up.

The Hills Have Eyes is, of course, the genre DVD of the month.  I honestly don’t know what extra horror can be packed into this unrated cut, because the theatrical nailed it, but I’m sure it does nothing but improve.

The rest are just straight-to-DVD deals, even if Insecticidal is released under Fangoria’s video label.  Equinox sounds pretty cool, and it’s a Criterion release so I guarantee it’s a packed disc of a quality movie.

Non-genre, we do have some heavy, worthwhile titles.  Syriana actually topped by Best of ’05 list, and I heard good things about Why We Fight, so I’ll Netflix that.

June 27th
The MOH episodes are two of the season’s better.  I got a real kick out of Deer Woman, which has a lot of the same humor as An American Werewolf in London, and I may actually pick this up just for the special features alone.  Sick Girl‘s not bad, either.

The Danger After Dark Collection contains Suicide Club, which I’ve heard good things about, as well as Moon Child and 2LDK.  I’ve also heard that, for what it’s worth, Art of the Devil 2 really punishes the original, but other than that I don’t know much about it.  Same goes for The Curse of the Crying Woman, which is a newly remastered classic.

Lastly, we’ve got the powerful French film Cache, which followed Syriana closely on my ’05 list.  And if I didn’t already own part of the series, I’d definitely pick up the "Strangers With Candy" complete series set (no doubt launched in anticipation of the film’s summer release).  Hell, I may even pick it up because at Amazon’s $38 for all 3 seasons, it’s cheaper than buying the sets I don’t have.

Worth Buying Blind (horror)
Cemetery Man ($14.95)
The Hills Have Eyes ($16.98) Genre DVD of the Month
Deer Woman

Worth Buying Blind (non-genre)
Dazed & Confused Criterion Collection ($27.99) DVD of the Month
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
L.A. Story ($14.99)

Worth Buying if You’ve Seen It, Renting if you Haven’t
The Omen 2 Disc Collector’s Edition ($17.49)
The Curse of the Crying Woman
Green Street Hooligans ($18.19)
Syriana ($16.98)
Cache ($17.49)
"Strangers With Candy" ($38.99)

Probably Worth Renting
Beyond the Wall of Sleep ($20.19)
Room 6
Sick Girl ($12.69)
Art of the Devil II
Why We Fight ($16.19)

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  1. June 3rd, 2006 | 8:53 pm | #1

    Wow, very cool rundown, Peter. I’m digging this new section, and am psyched that I’ll finally get to see the new Hills soon.

    P.S. I thought Suicide Club was a piece of crap.

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  3. June 4th, 2006 | 12:02 am | #3

    Thanks, it was actually pretty fun putting it together, though it took the better portion of today (hope I did the Amazon links right). The genre is a little lite this month (though I hope you enjoy Hills without me having hyped it up), but there are some pretty awesome DVDs coming out. I’m looking forward to the Dazed and Confused Criterion, as well as Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Cemetery Man. Plus, $40 for 3 seasons of Strangers With Candy is a helluva deal.

    Just makes me wish I wasn’t so poor.

    Thanks for the heads up on Suicide Club, I was going to give it a watch at some point, but your review pretty much says it all.

  4. Garrett
    June 13th, 2006 | 5:20 am | #4

    This is a great addition to the site.

    I would’ve never known about the DVD release of Cemetary Man otherwise.

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