DVD Buying Guide: August ’06

Posted by Peter Hall - August 5th 2006 @ 6:22 pm

Again, I missed the first Tuesday of the month before getting this guide up, but there are 5 Tuesdays in August, so you still have 4 more to get the jump on.  It’s a somewhat genre-lite month, but there are still a lot of very, very good releases otherwise – TV and theatrical – which seem to come out every other week:

Aug 1:
It was supposed to be the last season, but rumor has it Larry David has been hitting the drawing board for a sixth, but in case that ends up falling through, now you can buy the 5th, and final, season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the funniest show on TV.  There’s also an old Dracula/Frankenstein monster movie, the new, direct-to-DVD I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, and some flick called Severed: Forest of the Dead.  Shrug.

Aug 8th:
Now we get into the good stuff.  I’ve been waiting months to see Brick (check out the trailer, it’s amazing), so this’ll be a blind buy.  Always love the Brak Show.  Spike Lee’s kickass Inside Man hits shelves, as well as Lars Von Triers’ critically acclaimed Manderlay.  Anchor Bay pushes the Tooth Fairy, which I’ll be checking out since it’s supposed to be a far more interesting take than Darkness Falls.  Then a handful of movies I’ve never heard of.

Sealab gets its fourth season out, but more importantly, it gets a 4 season pack on the cheap.  The Wire’s third season streets in advance of its 4th season on HBO.  Hell yeah.  Oh, and Fox’ hit Prison Break is out.  I hated the pilot, but people dig the show…so maybe I’m missing something.

Aug 15th:
Killer Bees, enough said.  Dario Argento’s fun, gory, slightly disturbing episode of Masters of Horror, Jenifer, gets the same excellent treatment Anchor Bay has been giving the entire series.  Speaking of series, Rome drops, as well as Simpsons’ Season 8.

There’s little horror this month, aside from Jenifer, so you can, um, "laugh" at Scary Movie 4.  Or some movie called Machined?  And, finally, another acclaimed film I missed out on in theaters, L’Enfant.

Aug 22nd:
The eagerly awaired H6 – Diary of a Serial Killer finally will be able to live up to or dissapoint those awaiting.  Sticking with dissapointment, Silent Hill is out (read my review here), along with Poseidon (that didn’t take long!). 

But the DVD of the month (if you can’t tell by the larger picture) is Veronica Mars – Season 2.  Veronica Mars is the absolute best show on television that you are probably not watching.  Grab up Season 2 on its own, or pick up seasons 1 and 2 together in a nice combo pack.  BUY IT!!  NETFLIX IT!!  It’s third season starts in the fall, you have time to catch up (do not watch season 2 without seeing season 1) and support it so it doesn’t get cancelled!

Aug 29th:
Ah, Arrested Development, how beautiful your run was.  The final season – hear my tears – needs to be purchased by your wallet.  The animated version of The Tick shows its full colors, minus one episode.  And then there is the Wizard, that movie about a video game championship.  ’80s demands have been met!

And, last and probably least, Mick Garris’ made for TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Desperation.

Worth Buying Blind (horror)
Jenifer ($12.69)

Worth Buying Blind (non-genre)
Brick ($19.87)
Veronica Mars – Season 2 ($41.80)
Veronica Mars – Season 1 & 2 ($83.99)
The Tick ($23.23)
Arrested Development – Season 3 ($21.25)

Worth Buying if You’ve Seen It, Renting if you Haven’t
The Wire – Season 3 ($62.99)
Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 5 ($25.98)
The Wizard ($11.19)

Probably Worth Renting
Poseidon ($22.68)
Rome ($64.98)
Tooth Fairy ($17.99)

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  1. Ripp
    August 8th, 2006 | 1:53 pm | #1

    Um, Peter? You forgot the most anticipated DVD of the year. “Bring it on: All or nothing” comes out today, August 8th. I didn’t see it anywhere on your list. I don’t know why. I guess you must have missed it.

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