Review: Creep

Posted by Peter Hall - January 21st 2006 @ 11:51 pm

Directed by Christopher Smith, 2004

Craig is the shit.

Our heroine, Kate, falls asleep waiting for a train on the London Underground while on her way to try to sleep with George Clooney. That really is how the plot kicks off. She wakes up alone and trapped in the sealed subway system. A train passes by (despite that the train she missed was supposed to be the last of the night), which she boards, and she runs into a man, Guy, who attempts to rape her. In mid assault, the doors open once again and Guy is ripped out of the train and brutally beaten by an unseen assailant. And then the running begins, something of which Franka Potente is apparently typecast for (sorry, couldn’t resist it). Kate encounters a pair of homeless lovers, who much to my surprise and delight are not sold as psychotic homeless people who will attack anyone who stumbles into their dark lair. Jimmy, the man of the junkie relationship agrees to help Kate find the security guard. They find an incredibly mauled Guy dragging himself across the tracks and thus the killings kick off once more. Creep has a lot of nice, little touches that make it quite enjoyable, but it succeeds by never doing anything to come off as a bad movie. In fact, it plays all its cards just right. But, it also doesn’t have the best hand possible. The film’s trump card is its monster, Craig. The makeup on him isn’t anything truly original (looks like just a coating of various layers of pale laytex, which coincedently is almost exactly what the monsters in The Descent look like), but he is played and shot with such energy that he comes off as a pretty badass character and is easily the most memorable thing about the film. Sean Harris nailed the role with an accuracy that most creature performances these days just don’t have. Creep never becomes groundbreaking, but it does entertain throughout and will really stick with you. I found myself smiling about it off and on for a few days after. Check it out.

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